Tanya Tate Presents... MILFs Making Money Episode 2: Schoolyard Scraps and Getting What You Pay For

Tanya Tate Presents... MILFs Making Money Episode 1: Introductions and Morning Routines

Welcome to Tanya Tate Presents ... MILFS Making Money!
In our debut episode Tanya shares a bit about her life starting as an adult film star but how it doesn't make her any different than any of you. She dives into how to properly brand, the variety of English accents, her morning routines and how to get a proper cup of tea in the United States.


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Kevin Morrell

Congratulations on your first podcast


Defo gonna listen to another ep.

To my 🇬🇧 👂s your accent is totally Liverpudlian (caught a "lorra, lorra" phrase too, 🧡) with a tiny hint of US.
My tea brand is also PG & brekkie has always been my fave meal of the day.

I'd like to learn how your tendency for organising your day has developed thru your working life (I'm guessing it's become more of a necessity with becoming a mum)

Magicker Michael  DeLuise

Wonderful show, Tanya! I feel like I’m just sitting sharing w/ you! I so enjoy love relish confidence you say all that’s on your mind!! So positive productive w/ charisma’s cheery charms in FUNctional. Such a grand personal comfort which reminds me of my wonderful father communicative companion’s companions who was from Brooklyn street smarts, raising up sharing “HOW”’s to Happiness; Gratitude. Your a gift! Thank you for sharing your encouraging humanity & connection. Respect, my delights sparkling. YOU make my world Magicker✨ Mike 😊🙏

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