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December 2021

Episode 14: Keep Them Interested! Ginger Lynn On Retaining Your Subscribers!

All you need is one "Yes." It's easy to get discouraged when faced with rejection. A project you are working on can lose all momentum when hit with a "No." This week's MILF$ Making Money kicks off with Tanya sharing ways to get back on track, remotivate yourself, and keep searching for positive results.

Then adult industry icon and the first-ever Vivid Girl Ginger Lynn checks in to talk about retaining your subscribers. Just as important as building your fan base is to maintain the followers you already have. How can you keep them happy? Ginger talks about tips you can use to keep your followers engaged. 

Episode 13: Mary Carey On Creative Brand Building and How I Turn a Negative Into A Positive

Life happens, then what? You need to find ways to turn a negative into a positive. Easier said than done, right? In this week's episode of MILF$ Making Money, Tanya Tate discusses how she accomplishes flipping the script on negativity.

Mega-star Mary Carey joins Tanya to talk about the imaginative ways content creators can build and expand their brands. Mary is an award-winning adult performer who gained great mainstream exposure with her unique tactics and marketing talents. Listen to hear how she is using those skills for premium social media traffic. 

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